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Who hasn't been hurt by the words or actions of another? Perhaps a parent constantly criticized you growing up, a friend betrayed you, or your partner had an affair. Or maybe you've had a traumatic experience, such as being emotionally or physically abused by someone close to you. Maybe you’ve dealt with the sting of a lying co-worker, a toxic family member, or you’ve experienced church hurt. Maybe you’re dealing with the shame and pain of a decision you’ve made. Although hard to admit, you could be upset with God because He didn’t answer your prayers. All of these things, if you’re not careful, could cause you to become bitter, unforgiving, and distressed. Holding on to the pain is robbing you of the peace, joy, and freedom you deserve. This course will help you find the strength to let go of the internal frustrations and pain so that you can Forgive and Live…the newness of life!!!

  • 1


    • Give it Your All

  • 2

    Struggling to Forgive

    • Take Your Power Back!

    • Forgive and Forget...Really?

    • Forgiveness is Not...

    • The Grudge-Effect

    • The Benefits of Forgiveness

  • 3

    Choosing to Forgive

    • Forgive From the Heart

    • Forgiving Your Offender(s)

    • Forgiving Yourself

    • Forgiving God

  • 4

    The Healing Process

    • Healing Session 1

    • Healing Session 2

    • Healing Session 3

    • Healing Session 4

    • Healing Session 5

    • Healing Session 6

    • Receiving Closure

    • Releasing the Hurt

    • Break Free!!!

  • 5

    Newness of Life

    • One Step at a Time

    • Embrace the Journey

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Chaka Y Jackson

Lead Instructor/Founder

Chaka Y. Jackson is a Minister, Teacher, Mentor, Certified Life Coach, Speaker, and Entrepreneur. She is the founder of our Break Free Institute. Chaka is also the CEO and Founder of CYJ Enterprises and Restored Vessels. She provides coaching, consulting, and biblical counseling services for individuals, organizations, and companies. Obtaining an associate degree in theology and a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a main concentration in Christian counseling has allotted Chaka the ability to possess a distinct understanding of implementing strategies for personal and spiritual development.