Are You Ready To Experience Restoration and Breakthrough?

Is This For You?

The fact that you’re reading this is the first sign that this mentorship program is just for you! Perhaps you need a little more confirmation. Ok, check this out…you should be living an abundant life (John 10:10), but as a woman of God, you can boldly admit that obstacles are preventing you from experiencing a life of freedom, healing, wholeness, and identity. Guess what; you are NOT by yourself! No matter your race, background, financial status, or walk with God, you can experience personal and spiritual strongholds. They come to rob you of the life and destiny you were created for. Restoration is your portion! As a matter of fact, right where you are, declare that restoration is your portion! That was easy! Here’s where the challenge comes in… how do you obtain that restoration? Is there a specific formula? What would restoration look like for you? Listen, here’s where it gets real. Do you genuinely want to be whole? Do you really want to embrace abundant life? Do you? Well, the Restored Woman Mentorship Program is just for you! We provide holistic resources and strategies to empower you to live a joyous, whole, and purpose-driven life. See, it’s more than just praying, decreeing, hoping, and wishing. No, in addition to those things, you must be equipped with strategies, support, and community to become the RESTORED Woman. You will receive all that and more once you join our mentorship program. While you’re still trying to decide, other women like yourself have chosen to take a leap of faith and join! They have chosen to invest in the restoration that their life craves. So should you! I have a spot just for you! Look below to see what’s included! I can’t wait to become your Mentor! I will help you grow and thrive in the areas of:

  • Personal Growth

  • Spiritual Growth

  • Love & Relationships

  • Confidence & Personal Power

  • Identity & Self-Perception

  • Inner Peace

  • And Much More!!!!

What's Included

We're ready to educate, motivate, inspire, and support you on your journey to breakthrough and transformation! The Restored Woman Mentorship Program will include:

  • On-Demand Training and Mentoring Sessions

  • 2 Live Monthly Group Q&A Sessions

  • Private Online Community for Accountability and Support

  • Discounts for Upcoming Events

  • Special Bonuses


  • Who is this mentorship program for?

    This program is for women who are aged twenty-five years AND older.

  • How long does The Restored Woman Mentorship Program last?

    The Restored Woman Mentorship program consists of courses and training that are ongoing. Like Netflix, when you sign up, you gain access to all the courses, and you can maintain your membership for as long as you like and work at your own pace. New classes are added monthly, but you may cancel at any time. Please note that you will lose access to all courses and the private community group if you choose to cancel.

  • Can I sign up at any time?

    The Restored Woman Mentorship Program has open enrollment. You can sign up and cancel at any time.

  • Can I share my membership by giving someone my login info?

    No, if multiple people share your membership, the system will automatically lock one account out.

  • When is payment due?

    The Restored Woman Mentorship Program is a monthly subscription-based program. Subscriptions are based on monthly billing periods. Your billing date will be based on the day of the month that you sign up. For example, if you sign up for a monthly subscription on January 15th, your next billing date will be February 15th.

  • How To Cancel?

    You can cancel your membership at any time. Please email: to cancel.

  • Membership Refund Policy

    The Restored Woman Mentorship Program memberships are non-refundable.


Chaka Y Jackson

Lead Instructor/Founder

Chaka Y. Jackson is a Minister, Teacher, Mentor, Certified Life Coach, Speaker, and Entrepreneur. She is the founder of our Break Free Institute. Chaka is also the CEO and Founder of CYJ Enterprises and Restored Vessels. She provides coaching, consulting, and biblical counseling services for individuals, organizations, and companies. Obtaining an associate degree in theology and a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a main concentration in Christian counseling has allotted Chaka the ability to possess a distinct understanding of implementing strategies for personal and spiritual development.

Bundle includes

Here are all the courses that are included in your bundle.